You send us an e-mail with a short description of your order.
The basic information we need is:
a. The duration of your footage,
b. Preferred time after editing,
c.the purpose of the film
These three factors affect the price of the order, which you will have to settle before starting our work.
If you have additional hints for us, put them in the body of the message as well.

Within 24 hours we will contact you to arrange the details of the order >
and help you send files to us in an easy and safe way.>
All files will be deleted after 7 days from the completion of the order.

Depending on the amount of material uploaded and the selected length of the target video,
you will receive the first assembly from us after 2-5 business days. We count time
from sending all files and settling the payment.


As a foundation, we can use any music you send. Remember, however,
that displaying a movie involves the need for copyright, which we do not have
and we do not transfer. We provide only the editing service.


We consider the amendments for the first time free of charge.
Each subsequent application is payable according to the price list.


The footage you sent is treated as a confirmation of your copyright
to use the recording and the image of people in it.



If you are convinced or would like to find out more,
send a message to:
or contact us on facebook.