Additional options
30 GBP / every other 30 minutes of raw footage
30 GBP / basic color correction
30 GBP / every other submission of corrections

50 GBP / royalty free music

From your holidays, a party, last year, whatever. It's Your movie.

Cutting your footage
120 GBP / 3,5 min movie
A bot won't cut hours of your footage the right way

We will. All You have to do is click Play
Price includes

FREE / 30 min of your raw footage
FREE / cutting video
FREE / adding standard titles
FREE / music of your choice
FREE / cutting audio
FREE / one submission of corrections
FREE / export to .mp4

Your memories with a style

Coming back from a great excursion? Gather footage from all your phones
and share the cost of extending these great emotions and being able
to bring them back at anytime.

Surprise your family and friends with a great movie
and upload it to YouTube or FB. You'll be glad to watch it
many, many times yourself as years go by.
You're not sure how to record a good footage?
We're giving some short and simple hints
on Facebook, which will make Your
movie look even better.